Sunday, October 7, 2012

Successful Art in the Park event clears path for October's Featured Artist, Melissa Fults

Despite the brisk winter chill that bit through the damp air on Saturday, Shelbyville's first annual Art in the Park event was clearly a hit with local town folks. Many onlookers were pleasantly surprised to discover so much talent residing right here in their own backyard. This month's Featured Artist for the Bedford Art Gallery--Melissa Fults--is among that vast pool of talent lurking in our midst. Melissa is being honored in a reception on Monday, October 8th at 7:00pm inside the Bedford Art Gallery (located inside The Fly art building). Her work, which is currently on display for a limited time, will hang through the remainder of the month, so please take a few moments to stop in and see the display if you are unable to make an appearance at the reception. Melissa was born and raised in Woodbury, TN and discovered her gift for drawing sometime during the second or third grade. She says she "can remember drawing pictures for [my] classmates." However, it wasn't until high school that her talents truly began to blossom and develop into the talent on display now.

Although she loves to sketch animals and landscapes, Melissa doesn't limit herself to any one subject area. She works mostly with pastels, ink, acrylic and charcoal. To be able to recognize the true beauty of her work you will need to drop by the Bedford Art Gallery sometime this month between the hours of 11:00am-4:00pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Or better yet, stop in on Monday night to meet the artist and listen as she talks about here works on display. 

We hope to see you out there on Monday night. But if you can't make it, please try to squeeze a few minutes out of your day sometime during the remainder of this month to drop by and see Melissa's work while it's still on display...along with many work from many other talented residents, such as Kevin Rains, who carves amazing figurines and statues of bears, Indians, etc. with a CHAIN SAW (some of you may have seen his live demonstration this Saturday at Art in the Park)! We have a lot of new art members and a lot of new works on display...Open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00-4:00pm, as well as during all special events at the Fly, and on weekends and evenings by appointment.

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